Join the Golfclub Am Mondsee - Family! We have different models for your entry into the Golf Club Am Mondsee - do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a suitable solution for your wishes for example with our Hello Juniors program and a free membership for your children up to 14 years. 

Annual fee 2020

Individual members
€ 1.810,00
Follow-up member, partner
€ 1.400,00
Extraordinary members (at least for 5 years)
€  2.040,00
Annual member (max. possible for 2 years in a row)
€ 2.400,00
Individual members until the age of 35
€ 970,00
Teenagers/students until the age of 25
€ 370,00
Teenagers until the age of 18
€ 180,00
Children until the age of 14
€ 0,00

From the age of 21 years plus the association fee of € 35.00 prescribed by the ÖGV and OÖGV.

Entrance fee

At the General Assembly, the limited admission of extraordinary members was decided. With a mandatory entry for at least 5 years and by paying a higher annual fee, the entry fee is waived.

Individual members (or 10 years each € 850,-/year)
€ 8.500,00
Couple (or 10 years each € 1.400,00/year)
€ 14.000,00
Extraordinary members (limited number)
€ 0,00
Individual members until the age of 35
€ 0,00

If someone from another golf club has transferred to the Golfclub Am Mondsee as a full member and has already paid an entrance fee in his former club as a full member, the latter will be credited towards the entrance fee due at the Golfclub Am Mondsee.

If you join as a full member from the age of 70, the entrance fee will be reduced by 50%.

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