It was 1986 and golf was still in its infancy - yet there was a handful of golf enthusiasts in Mondsee and the surrounding area who were equipped with the necessary vision and courage to build and run their own golf course! The starting signal for the success story of the Golfclub Am Mondsee. 

Peter Count von Almeida built fodder for his bull breeding on the grounds of today's golf course. But he was looking for another use of the land. His parents-in-law had already introduced him to golf and thus he came up with the idea to design a golf course on the land that lay fallow.

Graf Peter von Almeida, Dr. Stefan Vargha, v.l. First he approached well-known golf-course architects such as Don Harradine and Kurt Roßknecht but their design did not live up to his expectations. By chance he met Max Count Lamberg through the then president of the golf club in Gastein. After Max Count Lamberg had seen the land, he was very taken with it and soon submitted a sketch that appealed to the Count of Almeida. This happened in early summer 1986. As a result further plans were drawn up and they racked their brains as to how and by whom the golf course should be developed and operated. The Count of Almeida wanted to establish a club, therefore Count Lamberg brought his friend and at that time top golfer, Dr. Stefan Vargha, on board. Finally the proponents of the golf club consisted of Dr. Stefan Vargha, Herbert Jakober, Günther Gachowetz, Dr. Josef Gmeiner, Peter Köster, Richard Roittner and Dr. Fritz Karl.

Begrüßung durch den 1. Präsidenten, Dr. Stefan Vargha After the architect’s final layout had been established and the necessary permits from the authorities had been obtained, on 18 November 1986 a meeting of the founders of the Golf Club Am Mondsee was set up at the Hotel Eschlböck/St. Lorenz. 51 people were present on that occasion and all of them agreed to found the golf club as planned by the proponents including Peter Count of Almeida and Dr. Stefan Vargha. At the first General Meeting on 11 December 1986 the Club Committee, composed of Club Captain Dr. Stefan Vargha, Vice Captain and Treasurer Dr. Fritz Karl, Honorary Secretary Herbert Jakober and the other Committee Members Günther Gachowetz, Dr. Josef Gmeiner, Peter Köster and Richard Roittner, was elected.

Der goldene Ball At first building work got off to a promising start in the winter of the year 1986/87, however, then the weather took a turn for the worse and work had to be suspended for weeks. As a result the deadline for the planned seeding in spring 1988 and the opening of the course in mid 1988 could not be met. Therefore the course was only inaugurated on 13 May 1989. 

Clubhausbau The club house was completed literally at the last minute for the then 250 club members. Thanks to the sound financial position of the club, the course was redesigned in 1999/2000 and a fairway irrigation system was installed from 2006 – 2008.

We are all grateful that things turned out so well and therefore we would like to express once more our thanks to Peter Count of Almeida, the course architect Max Count Lamberg and his partner Alois Reisenzahn, the Club Captain Dr. Stephan Vargha and the present Club Captains Günther Gachowetz and Dr. Fritz Karl with their respective Committee Members.


But in the future, the Golf Club Am Mondsee is not quiet - in the next few seasons, much is planned - because standstill was never in the statutes of this club.

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